Photographers losing couples wedding photos

Photographers losing couples wedding photos.
Please the first question to ask a photographer is not the price but do their cameras have dual card memory slots, what this means is when the photographer clicks the shutter/takes a photo the camera will write that photo to two memory cards at once so if one card gets corrupted/fails or dies then they have another copy of all the photos on the other card.

I came across these posts recently on a forum and it really made me sad to read. This is just two posts I saw in the past few days but on average I am seeing anything up to 7 posts a week on forums and facebook groups of either couples saying their photographer has lost their photos or "professional" photographer asking for help because they have lost their clients wedding photos.

"Last night received a phone call from our photographer. She told me she was about to send us the link to our complete gallery of pictures but she needed to tell us something beforehand.

one of the storage cards she used at our wedding failed and she basically lost all the pictures she took with that camera. Luckily it wasn't the main camera but there are still some pictures missing that I'm really gutted about.

We did a confetti shot. Lost all of the pictures from it.

She took some pics of my parents and me at the hotel before the ceremony. All gone.

All portraits she took of my hubby and me in one spot seem gone.

There is no picture of my hubby's aunt when she did her reading but three of my mum doing hers and no picture of our first kiss as husband and wife. I'll ask her about those to make sure she didn't just not send those over.

I think the confetti pics may have been the only ones we took of all guests together (there were only 10 guests) but basically we also do not have any pic of everyone together.

She also took some detail shots of our stationary and we only have a few of those, but none of the inside of the invitation and none of the order of ceremony. She mentioned she could re-shoot those, I think I might pick her up on this.

We love our photographer's work, but in hindsight I wish we'd gone with someone else, who used a dual card slot camera. Having our wedding photographed was so important to me and nothing can make up for the fact that we lost these images, some of which were so important shots."

and this one who was not so lucky
"Just looking for some advice please, I know there are some professional photographers on this site and was hoping for some opinions from them or anyone who has experienced similar.

Sadly, our wedding photographer has lost our wedding photos. We've been told data recovery companies couldn't retrieve them so that option is gone.

We did take out wedding insurance and one of the options available to us now is to have a professional photographer edit the photographs that were taken by our guests and to supply to us what our photographer was contracted to supply. Whilst we're glad of the option the majority of our guest pictures were taken on iPhones etc and so the quality isn't anywhere near those of a professional photographer.​"

The first couple got away lightly, at least they had some photos but most of the time photographers only take one camera to a wedding, what if that one camera breaks down or the memory card corrupts, you then have no photos from your wedding, so please
When enquiring with a photographer ask if their cameras have dual card memory slots. All my cameras have this feature and a lot of professional photographers have it to, well if they care about their couples wedding photos they should have it..


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