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Fitzleroi Barn Wedding Photographer

Fitzleroi Barn Wedding Photographer Bruce Neville
Fitzleroi Barn in the Sussex Countryside in Pulborough, West Sussex

Fitzleroi Barn is situated on a beautiful West Sussex farm in the stunning Sussex countryside.

When I was there to photograph this wedding the field were filled with colour and we got some gorgeous photos of the couple just walking in the fields, we then walked outside of Fitzleroi Barn to another fantastic field close by for some intimate photos of the couple.

Fitzleroi Barn is one of those barns that cater for all types of weddings and you have exclusive use of the barn and grounds so you can take full control of your wedding. You also have a lovely tree lined country road for couple portraits and then right opposite there is a path to a lovely big tree that you can use for a backdrop for the couple.

I would say there are only a handful of wedding venues or should I say wedding barn venues that are truly outstanding for weddings and Fitzleroi Barn is one that fits that description perfectly, as I said above you have some stunning scenery just outside of this venue bit you also have the surrounding fields that belong to Fitzleroi Farm.

Any couple thinking of having their wedding at Fitzeroi Barn is in for a treat as it is one of the better wedding barn venues in Sussex, not only for the superb scenery but the staff are so welcoming but they really know how to cater for weddings.

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There are 196 photos in the Fitzleroi Barn wedding slideshow below, I believe 5 or 6 photos do not show you that the photographer is consistent when they photograph a wedding, there is a very good reason why most photographers only show you a handful of photos from one wedding so please be careful when looking at other photographers work. Ask to see a lot more photos from the same wedding.

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