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Southend Barns wow, what can I say about Southend barns, well for a fairly new wedding venue they have succeeded in creating a wedding venue with everything a couple needs.

Being a wedding photographer and been photographing weddings all over the country I see so many wedding venues but I have never come across a Wedding Barn venue that is so geared towards a couple's wedding, they know what couples want and so have made it possible right down to the excellent service and trust me I know your thinking how would I know how good their service is but I do, I know people, been doing it long enough when I photograph them but in the case of Southend Barns they just LOVE helping people see their dreams come true and go the extra mile to fulfill it for them.

Southend Barns loved my photography so much that they have put me on there recommended suppliers list which is on Southend barns web site. Thank you Southend Barns and all the staff at Southend Barns that make my job so enjoyable.

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