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Winter Wedding Photography | Christmas Weddings

Winter Wedding Photography. Winter weddings are not like summer weddings, the lighting is very hard to get right and there for needs a photographer that understands lighting.

People rightly or wrongly think winter weddings are easier to photograph, they are a lot harder than a summer wedding because of the low light in winter you really have to know how to photograph in these low light situations, they are not for the new inexperience photographer.

Lots of venues are dark inside even in the summer but in the winter they are even darker so you really need a photographer that has the experience of photographing low light winter weddings and has the right equipment to deal with low light photography.

Winter wedding photography really sets the professionals from a new start-up photographer apart. Winter weddings are a lot harder to photograph than a summer wedding and that is when your really need to think about whether to choose someone just starting out in wedding photography or hiring a experienced professional wedding photographer.

The lighting conditions in winter are very demanding, that and a dark venue and the new start-up photographer will fail to capture any photos, you not only need an experienced photographer that knows how to capture low light photos but one that has professional up to date camera equipment that can handle the low light situations that comes from photographing a winter wedding.

Winter Wedding at the fantastic Goodwood House in Sussex. Laura & Martin 28th December 2015. Press HD

Jennifer & Nigel Wiston House

Winter Wedding photography at the stunning Upwaltham Barns in Sussex. Julia & Craig 2015. Press HD

Winter Wedding Photographer. Monica & Neeshan at the stunning Southend Barns in Sussex. Press HD

Winter Wedding Photography at the fantastic Southend Barns in Sussex. Hannah & Antony. Press HD